Holiday Wish List, Continued

Holiday Wish List
There are so many things to swoon over this season, so I’m just listing things I want with abandon.
  • Palette:  In the beauty department, Urban Decay’s 15 year anniversary palette calls. I’ve heard raves about the creamy, not-over-the-top shimmery textures.  And unlike most of their palettes, this one has all new colors. I prefer natural formulas; however, I like to balance them with highly unnatural, out of this world colors that actually stay on my face. That may take petrochemicals. And few companies do crazy, high quality, fun, petrochemical laden color like UD. While I don’t condone this kind of behavior in the name of health, life is short and I want some turquoise shadow.
  • Burgundy: I want burgundy ANYTHING. I used to HATE burgundy. Now I want to be wrapped in it 24/7. Dunno why. Dying for suede burgundy heels, especially.
  • Coat: Still obsessed with colorful, chic coats. Risky to gift though.
  • Tights: I must purchase a miniskirt, but since the risk there is too great to list as a gift item, I’ll list some cable sweater tights and Swiss* dot tights.
  • Gloves: fingerless gloves with convertible mitten tops and/or wrist warmers.  Modcloth writes fanciful descriptions to accompany these; which according to them, leave you free to do arts and crafts and shit in the cold.  I just want to be able to use my iPhone.  Fair Isle and handmade would be precious.
What are you craving this holiday season???
*I was going to ask if anyone knew why the dots are Swiss.  But Wiki answered my question. I heart the Internets.

Candy Coated

Candy Coated

So, now I’m going to eat my words about being anti-color.  A cold front has moved into my area and all I can think about is wrapping up in a COAT!  Jenna Lyons claimed that a coat is your own personal candy wrapper, and I’m buying the idea.  I can hide any number of hideous tops under a cute, colorful coat and no one would notice!

I’m leaning more towards a swingy style right now or something with a high collar. The kate spade number here embodies everything I desire this season: bright, sophisticated, chic, and I’m assuming warm.

Time for a hot toddy.



Chalk Drawing

Chalk Drawing

So, I started on this polyvore Saturday but abandoned it, deciding to take the weekend off.  Today, I get the Zoe Report featuring 20 black and white outfits.  Right after I highlighted capes, team Zoe did.  I highlight a granny sweater, she highlights a granny sweater (but likes it).  To quote any of the millions on Facebook right now expressing their political views with friends: “just saying.”  Perhaps its time for my alternate universe style blog character, RG, to adopt an alternate universe nemesis. . . RZ!!  . . . (dun, dun, DUN!!!).

Or perhaps not.  What drew me to creating this selection was the sheer fact that every magazine has told me that this season is all about color, color, color!  And as Mother always says about me; ask me to go left, I’ll go right. I’ve been scooping up more black and white looks than ever. What I don’t have in my closet is trompe l’oeil.  I absolutely love the kate spade handbag above.  It reminds me of a certain young man named Simon.  And it’s on sale right now at!



My Inner Kimono Dragon

My Inner Kimono Dragon

Lately I have gravitated towards incredibly huge sleeves.  Just this past week, I picked up a little BCBG kimono sleeve sweater in really bright pink.  You should see the sleeves on this thing.  I could cradle my senior dog in one of them lest he get tired.  His own designer hammock.  Or perhaps provide built-in swaddling for a baby.

At any rate, I’ve gone from feeling a little self-conscious about the look to adoring it.  It exudes drama and adds elegance to the simplest of trousers. In the past few months, I picked up an amazing buy on a Halston Heritage dolman sleeve dress, a zebra printed v-neck kimono short-sleeve silk dress by Karlie, and now this BCBG turtleneck that I could hide snacks in with ease. I could hide aforementioned baby’s entire diaper bag in there.  Have I mentioned that these sleeves are abnormally large and that I love them?

Long story short, work this look hard with some good posture and simple, structured accessories. Kimono sleeves are a centerpiece not to be messed with.



P.S. Komodo dragons have nothing to do with kimonos (to my knowledge).

Versatile Rock Chic Pieces

Versatile rock chic

I realize that summer is the time for music festivals and outdoor concerts, but there is something about the cool fall weather that makes me want to get my boots on and seek out a good intimate gig, mentally pretend-roll my own cigarettes and chain smoke them while drinking some kind of whiskey drink and not wincing.

But alas, second-hand smoke makes me want to gag as much as liquor with any sort of tinge. And concerts are so darn loud. In my parallel universe, I’d wear some kicking clothes, stay up all night, and smell minty fresh in the morning. In reality, most of us would wake up with a fresh zit instead of fresh breath. And most of us don’t have the budget for a complete rock wardrobe. However, if we look at some of our staples, we can build a good look with carefully chosen accoutrement.

Denim is something we all have in our closets – pick out something dark and whiskery and pair it with any top you have with sequins. A couple of years ago, you might have said “sequins? that’s not a staple!” But my friend, if you do not have a top, tunic, or short dress with sequins on it by now, it is time to invest.

Animal prints and textures can do no wrong with this look. Think leopard, snake skin, faux fur, and leather. There are some great vegan leather options out there these days so no need to kill more cow or spend more dough than necessary. Leather, leopard and denim with big studs or spikes can look too, TOO. Jewelry with organic textures and shapes lend a sophisticated edge that softens structured leather jackets but also lends edginess to pencil skirts and cardigans. Find or purchase them and then pile them on.

And if you see me out, please mosh elsewhere.


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