Holiday Wish List, Continued

Holiday Wish List
There are so many things to swoon over this season, so I’m just listing things I want with abandon.
  • Palette:  In the beauty department, Urban Decay’s 15 year anniversary palette calls. I’ve heard raves about the creamy, not-over-the-top shimmery textures.  And unlike most of their palettes, this one has all new colors. I prefer natural formulas; however, I like to balance them with highly unnatural, out of this world colors that actually stay on my face. That may take petrochemicals. And few companies do crazy, high quality, fun, petrochemical laden color like UD. While I don’t condone this kind of behavior in the name of health, life is short and I want some turquoise shadow.
  • Burgundy: I want burgundy ANYTHING. I used to HATE burgundy. Now I want to be wrapped in it 24/7. Dunno why. Dying for suede burgundy heels, especially.
  • Coat: Still obsessed with colorful, chic coats. Risky to gift though.
  • Tights: I must purchase a miniskirt, but since the risk there is too great to list as a gift item, I’ll list some cable sweater tights and Swiss* dot tights.
  • Gloves: fingerless gloves with convertible mitten tops and/or wrist warmers.  Modcloth writes fanciful descriptions to accompany these; which according to them, leave you free to do arts and crafts and shit in the cold.  I just want to be able to use my iPhone.  Fair Isle and handmade would be precious.
What are you craving this holiday season???
*I was going to ask if anyone knew why the dots are Swiss.  But Wiki answered my question. I heart the Internets.


Nautical pieces were everywhere this spring and summer, and I think that will translate into cozy fisherman and cable sweaters this winter.  But what of the stripe?  Given the multitude of striped dresses, tops and accessories that swept the nation for the past couple of seasons, we’d muddle through the cold wintry days undergoing major withdrawal without them.  The remedy to this is strategic striping.  Small stripes on edges of structured jackets or bold swathes of dark on dark stripes.  Witness this Eva Franco number:

If I wore this dress, I would burst into every room and then do this.  Personally, I probably would not go for the glasses, but I like the Mad Hatter quality it lends to the pose.  And of course, I love gloves and usually wear driving gloves when driving; that’s another post.  I can imagine this get-up being apropos if you were late to your photo shoot for the Candy Striper Historic Association’s annual convention and, in a mad rush from your high tea, you drive frantically to the Holiday Inn where it’s being held, burst onto the scene, do this one shot and DONE.

But seriously, I love this dress.   There is a less expensive stripey dress on Modcloth that might give you your fix, but it would be impossible to act out this photo shoot in it because the skirt is straight.  But you could add a cape, I guess.   I’m no cape specialist, but I’m sure could dream up the perfect one.

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