Shirr & Pleat Skirt

A while back, I did a Polyvore called Ladylike Vintage where I featured this Eva Franco skirt:

Shirr and Pleat Skirt - image from

I scooped it up when it went on sale.  Unfortunately, it did not work for me.  Despite an overall good review rating and the lovely fit on the mannequin, this was all wrong on me like no skirt ever before it.  I cannot even describe the odd pleating.  It created a terrible poof that gave me saddlebags and paunch.  I’m 5’7″ and size 4.  I am not teeny, but this thing worked hard to make me look half pumpkin. It’s such a shame because it is a beautiful material. The colors, the fabric, the feel: magnifique. But. Wow. Odd. Fit.

Another casualty of online shopping: a favorite pastime of mine with some issues and risks.  Namely, you don’t know what people look like who own the product, how long they’ve had it, or you may think someone giving rave reviews has terrible taste if you ever actually met them.  More and more people submit photos and measurements which is so helpful. In my opinion, Modcloth is the best provider of easy ways to input your measurements and pictures into reviews. Still, so few items work for me even after I’ve done extensive research.

Then there is the issue of why people review something. I tend to think that people review things, particularly beauty products, when they really like them.  Maybe people who are into cosmetics are just more positive people, I’m not sure. I wouldn’t be among those. But do we get diversity of opinion? And as far as clothing, models and mannequins are quite thin, and I’m sure they place larger sizes on them and pin the material back.  Now that I think of it, maybe I should just do that.  I could just back out of every room.

On the other hand, the pluses of online shopping are:

  • I can wear soft pants.
  • My dog can surf with me.
  • I can view several options at once.
  • I often shop by elimination, so I can place things in my cart, get totals, and eliminate as needed.
  • If the site has a wish list, I can easily keep up with the things I love to see if they go on sale.

But at the end of the day, I actually keep very little.


Holiday Wish List, Continued

Holiday Wish List
There are so many things to swoon over this season, so I’m just listing things I want with abandon.
  • Palette:  In the beauty department, Urban Decay’s 15 year anniversary palette calls. I’ve heard raves about the creamy, not-over-the-top shimmery textures.  And unlike most of their palettes, this one has all new colors. I prefer natural formulas; however, I like to balance them with highly unnatural, out of this world colors that actually stay on my face. That may take petrochemicals. And few companies do crazy, high quality, fun, petrochemical laden color like UD. While I don’t condone this kind of behavior in the name of health, life is short and I want some turquoise shadow.
  • Burgundy: I want burgundy ANYTHING. I used to HATE burgundy. Now I want to be wrapped in it 24/7. Dunno why. Dying for suede burgundy heels, especially.
  • Coat: Still obsessed with colorful, chic coats. Risky to gift though.
  • Tights: I must purchase a miniskirt, but since the risk there is too great to list as a gift item, I’ll list some cable sweater tights and Swiss* dot tights.
  • Gloves: fingerless gloves with convertible mitten tops and/or wrist warmers.  Modcloth writes fanciful descriptions to accompany these; which according to them, leave you free to do arts and crafts and shit in the cold.  I just want to be able to use my iPhone.  Fair Isle and handmade would be precious.
What are you craving this holiday season???
*I was going to ask if anyone knew why the dots are Swiss.  But Wiki answered my question. I heart the Internets.

Plaid Madness

Plaid Madness

Plaid can signify sophistication (Burberry) or ruggedness (Brawny).  And whether you want a touch of plaid in your life or wish to distract other golfers, there are so many options from which to choose.

On the runways this past season, designers were mixing patterns like crazy: an intimidating style to recreate.  But the trick is the same when mixing any pattern be it plaid, stripes, or polka dots: choose a larger pattern and a finer pattern.  You can stick to similar palettes such as navy and red or black and white, but switch up your primary background colors: one light and one dark or one bright and one muted.   The difference in pattern scale and background colors creates separation between your pieces. You want to walk out the door looking like you made deliberate choices, not mistakenly create a leisure suit from two slightly different pieces.

For me personally, I just want this coat.  Yes, still coat obsessed.

Happy Sexy Halloween

I visited my alma mater this past weekend for a football game and to capture that crisp fall campus air: a special mixture of unapologetic liberalism, echoes of past change, and profuse possibilities ahead.  It was a nostalgic day filled with pit stops at pizza joints, impulse collegiate gear buys, and domestic beer.  Worth every second!

Students here  officially celebrate Halloween tonight despite early morning classes tomorrow. That is as it should be. Of course, tonight’s debauchery didn’t keep folks from coming out this past Saturday in costume. Predictably, women took an overtly sexy approach while idiocy seemed the common draw among campus men. And that’s all fine if that is what your inner beast wants to express come this time of year.

Temperatures in the mid 30’s Fahrenheit stopped few women from dressing as the ever-present house cat with high platform heels and furry tail.  I witnessed one lady in her cat costume complete with fishnets, hot pants with tail, matching ears, sassy walk. . . everything in place.  Her companion had on semi-sheer black pantyhose.  I don’t remember what was going on up top because she was just wearing the pantyhose on bottom.  No leotard over it.  Nothing.  Nada.  This is my worst nightmare, yet this woman willingly strolled the streets in her control tops.  Those of you out there contemplating reenactment of this – you should know that unless you dress up as Amy Sedaris, pantyhose alone doth not a costume make.  Of anything.  Except maybe a mortified blogger in a nightmare.

Admittedly, I find Sexy Chucky so ridiculously dumb that I kind of like it. A killer doll movie character costume, only sexy.  Genius.

Sexy Chucky costume from

Help save me from the doldrums of the sexy house cat – anyone donning any interesting Halloween costumes this year?

Candy Coated

Candy Coated

So, now I’m going to eat my words about being anti-color.  A cold front has moved into my area and all I can think about is wrapping up in a COAT!  Jenna Lyons claimed that a coat is your own personal candy wrapper, and I’m buying the idea.  I can hide any number of hideous tops under a cute, colorful coat and no one would notice!

I’m leaning more towards a swingy style right now or something with a high collar. The kate spade number here embodies everything I desire this season: bright, sophisticated, chic, and I’m assuming warm.

Time for a hot toddy.



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