Shirr & Pleat Skirt

A while back, I did a Polyvore called Ladylike Vintage where I featured this Eva Franco skirt:

Shirr and Pleat Skirt - image from

I scooped it up when it went on sale.  Unfortunately, it did not work for me.  Despite an overall good review rating and the lovely fit on the mannequin, this was all wrong on me like no skirt ever before it.  I cannot even describe the odd pleating.  It created a terrible poof that gave me saddlebags and paunch.  I’m 5’7″ and size 4.  I am not teeny, but this thing worked hard to make me look half pumpkin. It’s such a shame because it is a beautiful material. The colors, the fabric, the feel: magnifique. But. Wow. Odd. Fit.

Another casualty of online shopping: a favorite pastime of mine with some issues and risks.  Namely, you don’t know what people look like who own the product, how long they’ve had it, or you may think someone giving rave reviews has terrible taste if you ever actually met them.  More and more people submit photos and measurements which is so helpful. In my opinion, Modcloth is the best provider of easy ways to input your measurements and pictures into reviews. Still, so few items work for me even after I’ve done extensive research.

Then there is the issue of why people review something. I tend to think that people review things, particularly beauty products, when they really like them.  Maybe people who are into cosmetics are just more positive people, I’m not sure. I wouldn’t be among those. But do we get diversity of opinion? And as far as clothing, models and mannequins are quite thin, and I’m sure they place larger sizes on them and pin the material back.  Now that I think of it, maybe I should just do that.  I could just back out of every room.

On the other hand, the pluses of online shopping are:

  • I can wear soft pants.
  • My dog can surf with me.
  • I can view several options at once.
  • I often shop by elimination, so I can place things in my cart, get totals, and eliminate as needed.
  • If the site has a wish list, I can easily keep up with the things I love to see if they go on sale.

But at the end of the day, I actually keep very little.


Holiday Wish List

Every year, my family attempts to take the guesswork out of holiday shopping.  We ask for holiday wish lists.  It may sound unromantic, but I come from a pragmatic family, and I appreciate the efficiency and forthrightness of it all.

This year, I’m going to write about the things I want for the holidays. I anticipate that this task will be much more difficult once I get down to it, but here goes:

image from

I’m a sunscreen junkie. When people ask me about anti-aging creams, I maintain that a good sunscreen is the best. I prefer natural formulas with broad spectrum zinc which has led me down a path of chalky dryness. Over the summer when I’m a little more unctuous, I can use a heavier formula like Soleo Organics with a mineral powder over it. While the sunscreen seems greasy at first, it sinks in and the zinc balances out the oiliness. I need a rice paper pat in the afternoon and reapplication with Badger sunscreen stick, but aside from that the combination works for me.

But in the winter, the powder and zinc dries out my skin, and I prefer a dewier look.  I also want a little sun on short winter days, so I generally do not reapply. In the past, I mixed Dr. Hauschka sunscreen with one of my faves, the Toned Day Cream.  But they stopped making sunscreen due to changes in European regulations. I have not tried this mineral sunscreen by John Masters Organics, but it gets rave reviews for playing well with makeup and not leaving a heavy white cast. Plus, it is more expensive per ounce than I’d like to pay but doesn’t break the bank in general. Which means totally giftable!

ALERT! A limited edition scent by my favorite brand of oil blotting papers is on sale right now at! Grab one for just $5!

Gorgeous Red

Trish McEvoy Gorgeous Red image from


Once, when getting my makeup done for a photo shoot, the makeup artist asked me if I was a Leo.  “Why, yeeeees.  How did you know that?”  Her response? “Because you’re really enjoying this.”

It’s true. I love getting my makeup and hair done by a professional. I usually just do it if a guest makeup artist is in town. It makes me want to hop off of that throne of a stool, saunter through a wormhole to the 1950’s, accept my Tony and join my cast mates at Sardi’s.  But usually I hop up and go to the grocery store or something like. Just all dolled up. Seeing that there was a Trish McEvoy event going on nearby and I’d never tried that line, I set up a time with an artist.

Today’s wasn’t the best makeover ever.  I sorta kinda felt like a Kabuki theatre actress when it was all said and done.  I looked alright, but I’m not a fan of wearing as much makeup as she put on my skin.  However, the nice lady gave me some beautiful red lips.  I normally stay away from red because it can age you, and I can feel clownish due to the prominence of my lips.   However, she concentrated this creamy blue-based cream in the center of my lips between a layer of nude pencil and golden, sparkly gloss.  Sure, it wasn’t the matte, poppy-tinted look you see on J. Crew models, but it really worked for me.  When I try that matte poppy look, I end up looking more J. Collins than J. Crew. Not that I don’t love some Joan Collins.




I have a chihuahua and a Mini Cooper S. While my dog is well-behaved and rather hardy for the breed (15 lbs.), he shares one characteristic with most of his brethren: he has no idea how little he is. Chihuahuas often rule the pack and won’t think twice about confrontation with a dog five times his size if necessary. As for the Mini, it is deceptively cute. Truth is, it is a rally car. It is as much at home on a race track as it is in town. In short, the juxtaposition of cute and tough is something I hold in appreciation.

My birthday was last week, and I received many a gift with a touch of cute and tough or plain old charmingly tiny goodness. Behold tiny goodness:

Dee Sharp Chihuahua Earrings Looking Very Noir

How could you start your day off wrong with these guys dangling from your ears? You can’t possibly put them on while pissed. Or could you? Maybe THAT would be the tough factor to its cute factor? I’m having a personal revelation here. Maybe I’ll post it on Facebook. It’ll go something like this: “. . . is putting the MENTAL in the centimental things in life.” And 1/3 of my friends will be like, “Whaaa?” because NOBODY knows WTF you are talking about when you post one liners like that, another 1/3 will hit the like button because it’s easy, and the last 1/3 will notice that I’ve spelled sentimental incorrectly, think I’m an idiot, and move on.

AS SHALL WE: Sephora’s Urban Ballerina Collection couples two neutral, but not wholly predictable colors with two grittier darks.

OPI for Sephora Urban Ballerina Collection

I don’t know any urban ballerinas, but somehow I get it. I also received a leather studded cuff with a beautiful antique brass bird charm. All of this cuteness with an edge inspired me to order a scarf from Modcloth with tiny, colorful skulls.

“. . . is feeling raskully!”

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