Shirr & Pleat Skirt

A while back, I did a Polyvore called Ladylike Vintage where I featured this Eva Franco skirt:

Shirr and Pleat Skirt - image from

I scooped it up when it went on sale.  Unfortunately, it did not work for me.  Despite an overall good review rating and the lovely fit on the mannequin, this was all wrong on me like no skirt ever before it.  I cannot even describe the odd pleating.  It created a terrible poof that gave me saddlebags and paunch.  I’m 5’7″ and size 4.  I am not teeny, but this thing worked hard to make me look half pumpkin. It’s such a shame because it is a beautiful material. The colors, the fabric, the feel: magnifique. But. Wow. Odd. Fit.

Another casualty of online shopping: a favorite pastime of mine with some issues and risks.  Namely, you don’t know what people look like who own the product, how long they’ve had it, or you may think someone giving rave reviews has terrible taste if you ever actually met them.  More and more people submit photos and measurements which is so helpful. In my opinion, Modcloth is the best provider of easy ways to input your measurements and pictures into reviews. Still, so few items work for me even after I’ve done extensive research.

Then there is the issue of why people review something. I tend to think that people review things, particularly beauty products, when they really like them.  Maybe people who are into cosmetics are just more positive people, I’m not sure. I wouldn’t be among those. But do we get diversity of opinion? And as far as clothing, models and mannequins are quite thin, and I’m sure they place larger sizes on them and pin the material back.  Now that I think of it, maybe I should just do that.  I could just back out of every room.

On the other hand, the pluses of online shopping are:

  • I can wear soft pants.
  • My dog can surf with me.
  • I can view several options at once.
  • I often shop by elimination, so I can place things in my cart, get totals, and eliminate as needed.
  • If the site has a wish list, I can easily keep up with the things I love to see if they go on sale.

But at the end of the day, I actually keep very little.


Project Wardrobe Redo – To Capri or Not to Capri

To Capri or Not to Capri
Today included a trip to Anthropologie, one of my favorite retail spots for textures, colors, displays, batshit crazy good smelling candles, and ruffly aprons I will never cook in. Right now, they have an additional 25% off of their sale stuff. After trying on 15 items, I walked out with one sweater. But girlfriend really could use some pants. I cannot spend another winter in stretch pants. These high-waisted Cartonnier corduroy trousers drew emphasis upon the paunch area, brought on by the tiny besom pockets on each side of the front. I don’t need extra storage there. The pants were PERFECT aside from those little ruinators. The difference between perfect and embarrassing was ever so fine. Despite this, they got me in the mood for some trouser and/or wide-leg honey-colored corduroy to pair with other rich autumnal colors.
So after my paunchly endeavor, I made a pit stop at J. Crew which renewed my interest in the brand. I had grown weary of their preppy styles this past spring; however, their tweeds mixed with brights are inspiring and modern. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the trouser leg corduroys in store, and I’m afraid the legs and wales in reality are a bit skinnier than I’d like. But I did try and love the J. Crew wool cafe capri. So, for this month’s project wardrobe redo, I ask you readers, which one should I go for? Wool cafe capris? Or the more sensible corduroy trousers?

Wardrobe Redo: The Final Chapter of the Skinny Jean Saga

Image from

AG Adriano Goldschmied Farrah jeans won the skinny jean quest.  High waisted and limber of leg, Farrah cleanly trumped at least 15 other pairs.  If you have an hourglass shape, give these a go. Props to Susan for suggesting the brand!

Confession: I kinda cheated on September’s Project Wardrobe Redo (ironically, Project Right Way didn’t sound right. Plus, Wardrobe Redo sounds like my own satirical version of a Star Wars character). Instead of polling, I made an executive decision on skinny jeans. With so many obsessions, execution of this project is harder than I figured.

A friend suggested I shoot for basics, which makes total sense.  Every girl needs black dress pants, a versatile white blouse, trench coat, and black pumps.  Any of those could be considered the modern woman’s proverbial navy blazer. But I am rarely anywhere where these are necessary, and I don’t ever really want to wear any of these things (other than a trench, and I have three). I was going have you pick the most deserving camel-colored turtleneck.  But. BORING.

So, what are my basics?  After losing 1/6 of my body weight, A SHIRT would be a great basic to have.  The whole point of this project is to buy based on love.   Therefore, I will let my heart guide me a bit more than my head and seek something I love.  On the other hand, Friend has an excellent point. Therefore, I will spend a portion of the budget on basics but the bulk on the nothing-but-love item. There: we’ve made room for camel turtleneck AND post-worthy items!

It may take a while to whittle down the options, but that’s what we’ll do.

“Reimagining the Kimono. . .”

“Reimagining the Kimono” was the subject heading for Anthropologie’s recent email blast. On the other end of the click through, this can be found:

Marled Bands Pullover, Anthropologie


I Love Big Hair

I have rather flat hair that sits uneventfully atop a pea sized head.  Therefore, I am an enthusiastic advocate for big hair.  Anthropologie’s August catalog incorporates some 19th century hair throwbacks.  Witness the following:

from Anthropologie's August 2011 catalog

And now this:

Elizabeth McGovern from House of Mirth

By the way, I love Elizabeth McGovern.  I’ve only seen her in Downton Abbey, a Poirot episode, and that movie, She’s Having Kevin Bacon’s Baby.  But I loved her in all of them!  The hair though? I am a little ambivalent towards this late 19th/early 20th century ‘do.  Yes, it is big which checks one of my boxes, but piled on top of the head.  Where is it fastened?  How long is it, really?

Anthropologie’s take on it is lovely though.  They tend to choose interesting models and this works for her and for the spread.  It flatters the bold necklines and statement jewelry pieces dotted throughout.  Altogether, I give it a thumbs up on the styling.

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