Gorgeous Red

Trish McEvoy Gorgeous Red image from nordstrom.com


Once, when getting my makeup done for a photo shoot, the makeup artist asked me if I was a Leo.  “Why, yeeeees.  How did you know that?”  Her response? “Because you’re really enjoying this.”

It’s true. I love getting my makeup and hair done by a professional. I usually just do it if a guest makeup artist is in town. It makes me want to hop off of that throne of a stool, saunter through a wormhole to the 1950’s, accept my Tony and join my cast mates at Sardi’s.  But usually I hop up and go to the grocery store or something like. Just all dolled up. Seeing that there was a Trish McEvoy event going on nearby and I’d never tried that line, I set up a time with an artist.

Today’s wasn’t the best makeover ever.  I sorta kinda felt like a Kabuki theatre actress when it was all said and done.  I looked alright, but I’m not a fan of wearing as much makeup as she put on my skin.  However, the nice lady gave me some beautiful red lips.  I normally stay away from red because it can age you, and I can feel clownish due to the prominence of my lips.   However, she concentrated this creamy blue-based cream in the center of my lips between a layer of nude pencil and golden, sparkly gloss.  Sure, it wasn’t the matte, poppy-tinted look you see on J. Crew models, but it really worked for me.  When I try that matte poppy look, I end up looking more J. Collins than J. Crew. Not that I don’t love some Joan Collins.




3 responses to “Gorgeous Red

  1. Miss Fashionista

    I would love to see a picture of what your lips looked like after the makeover! It is hard to perfect red lips!

  2. Miss Fashionista

    🙂 that’s funny. I have a Nikon camera. It is really good.

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