Plaid Madness

Plaid Madness

Plaid can signify sophistication (Burberry) or ruggedness (Brawny).  And whether you want a touch of plaid in your life or wish to distract other golfers, there are so many options from which to choose.

On the runways this past season, designers were mixing patterns like crazy: an intimidating style to recreate.  But the trick is the same when mixing any pattern be it plaid, stripes, or polka dots: choose a larger pattern and a finer pattern.  You can stick to similar palettes such as navy and red or black and white, but switch up your primary background colors: one light and one dark or one bright and one muted.   The difference in pattern scale and background colors creates separation between your pieces. You want to walk out the door looking like you made deliberate choices, not mistakenly create a leisure suit from two slightly different pieces.

For me personally, I just want this coat.  Yes, still coat obsessed.


3 responses to “Plaid Madness

  1. Lonnie

    The shoes are pretty pleasing too!

  2. Miss Fashionista

    I am coat-obsessed too. Especially with that plaid coat!

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