Happy Sexy Halloween

I visited my alma mater this past weekend for a football game and to capture that crisp fall campus air: a special mixture of unapologetic liberalism, echoes of past change, and profuse possibilities ahead.  It was a nostalgic day filled with pit stops at pizza joints, impulse collegiate gear buys, and domestic beer.  Worth every second!

Students here  officially celebrate Halloween tonight despite early morning classes tomorrow. That is as it should be. Of course, tonight’s debauchery didn’t keep folks from coming out this past Saturday in costume. Predictably, women took an overtly sexy approach while idiocy seemed the common draw among campus men. And that’s all fine if that is what your inner beast wants to express come this time of year.

Temperatures in the mid 30’s Fahrenheit stopped few women from dressing as the ever-present house cat with high platform heels and furry tail.  I witnessed one lady in her cat costume complete with fishnets, hot pants with tail, matching ears, sassy walk. . . everything in place.  Her companion had on semi-sheer black pantyhose.  I don’t remember what was going on up top because she was just wearing the pantyhose on bottom.  No leotard over it.  Nothing.  Nada.  This is my worst nightmare, yet this woman willingly strolled the streets in her control tops.  Those of you out there contemplating reenactment of this – you should know that unless you dress up as Amy Sedaris, pantyhose alone doth not a costume make.  Of anything.  Except maybe a mortified blogger in a nightmare.

Admittedly, I find Sexy Chucky so ridiculously dumb that I kind of like it. A killer doll movie character costume, only sexy.  Genius.

Sexy Chucky costume from amazon.com

Help save me from the doldrums of the sexy house cat – anyone donning any interesting Halloween costumes this year?


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