My Inner Kimono Dragon

My Inner Kimono Dragon

Lately I have gravitated towards incredibly huge sleeves.  Just this past week, I picked up a little BCBG kimono sleeve sweater in really bright pink.  You should see the sleeves on this thing.  I could cradle my senior dog in one of them lest he get tired.  His own designer hammock.  Or perhaps provide built-in swaddling for a baby.

At any rate, I’ve gone from feeling a little self-conscious about the look to adoring it.  It exudes drama and adds elegance to the simplest of trousers. In the past few months, I picked up an amazing buy on a Halston Heritage dolman sleeve dress, a zebra printed v-neck kimono short-sleeve silk dress by Karlie, and now this BCBG turtleneck that I could hide snacks in with ease. I could hide aforementioned baby’s entire diaper bag in there.  Have I mentioned that these sleeves are abnormally large and that I love them?

Long story short, work this look hard with some good posture and simple, structured accessories. Kimono sleeves are a centerpiece not to be messed with.



P.S. Komodo dragons have nothing to do with kimonos (to my knowledge).


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