Project Wardrobe Redo Relapse

In my closet, live the Unwearables: items compiled over years of tyranny living under a bank’s dress code.  Organized by color, print, and scale of warmth, the Unwearables seem well-intentioned, harmonious.  Almost friendly.  But like an onion, as soon as I remove the layers and inspect pieces one by one, the process really begins to stink. It’s like buying a side table in an IKEA display room.  No impact when you take it out of its environment.

I am a believer that half the battle is getting dressed.  That goes for most things that take enterprise: work, gym, date, church.  So at one point in my previous career, I invested in a professional wardrobe full of suits, trousers, cardigans, and button downs.

Anywho.  All that is over and I’m left witthhhhhhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  What?  Oh, yes.  Unwearables.  Now I’ve got a jones for adding more zing to my closet.  I am still reeling from a recent birthday and the thought of another year gone by.  And the other day I found a tiny lump in my neck which I’m pretty sure is just a swollen lymph node.  Still, I’m reminded that life is too short for boring clothes.  My last post inspired me to fill some holes in my wardrobe with some tasteful edginess. And despite my continuing allegiance to choose a pair of wool cafe capris, AND despite all the shenanigans surrounding Kanye’s seatmates, I went and ordered these:

blank denim - image from

I’ll letcha know how they turn out.

Next stop: leopard booties.  Because I’m overdue for those and I can wear them with my new wool capris and both pairs of skinny jeans.  With that, I’d love to know what look you think you need more of in your closet. Or in mine for that matter.  Please, in the comments!




2 responses to “Project Wardrobe Redo Relapse

  1. those are cute! i’m also in the market for some cute leopard shoes!

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