Versatile Rock Chic Pieces

Versatile rock chic

I realize that summer is the time for music festivals and outdoor concerts, but there is something about the cool fall weather that makes me want to get my boots on and seek out a good intimate gig, mentally pretend-roll my own cigarettes and chain smoke them while drinking some kind of whiskey drink and not wincing.

But alas, second-hand smoke makes me want to gag as much as liquor with any sort of tinge. And concerts are so darn loud. In my parallel universe, I’d wear some kicking clothes, stay up all night, and smell minty fresh in the morning. In reality, most of us would wake up with a fresh zit instead of fresh breath. And most of us don’t have the budget for a complete rock wardrobe. However, if we look at some of our staples, we can build a good look with carefully chosen accoutrement.

Denim is something we all have in our closets – pick out something dark and whiskery and pair it with any top you have with sequins. A couple of years ago, you might have said “sequins? that’s not a staple!” But my friend, if you do not have a top, tunic, or short dress with sequins on it by now, it is time to invest.

Animal prints and textures can do no wrong with this look. Think leopard, snake skin, faux fur, and leather. There are some great vegan leather options out there these days so no need to kill more cow or spend more dough than necessary. Leather, leopard and denim with big studs or spikes can look too, TOO. Jewelry with organic textures and shapes lend a sophisticated edge that softens structured leather jackets but also lends edginess to pencil skirts and cardigans. Find or purchase them and then pile them on.

And if you see me out, please mosh elsewhere.


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