Wardrobe Redo: The Final Chapter of the Skinny Jean Saga

Image from anthropologie.com

AG Adriano Goldschmied Farrah jeans won the skinny jean quest.  High waisted and limber of leg, Farrah cleanly trumped at least 15 other pairs.  If you have an hourglass shape, give these a go. Props to Susan for suggesting the brand!

Confession: I kinda cheated on September’s Project Wardrobe Redo (ironically, Project Right Way didn’t sound right. Plus, Wardrobe Redo sounds like my own satirical version of a Star Wars character). Instead of polling, I made an executive decision on skinny jeans. With so many obsessions, execution of this project is harder than I figured.

A friend suggested I shoot for basics, which makes total sense.  Every girl needs black dress pants, a versatile white blouse, trench coat, and black pumps.  Any of those could be considered the modern woman’s proverbial navy blazer. But I am rarely anywhere where these are necessary, and I don’t ever really want to wear any of these things (other than a trench, and I have three). I was going have you pick the most deserving camel-colored turtleneck.  But. BORING.

So, what are my basics?  After losing 1/6 of my body weight, A SHIRT would be a great basic to have.  The whole point of this project is to buy based on love.   Therefore, I will let my heart guide me a bit more than my head and seek something I love.  On the other hand, Friend has an excellent point. Therefore, I will spend a portion of the budget on basics but the bulk on the nothing-but-love item. There: we’ve made room for camel turtleneck AND post-worthy items!

It may take a while to whittle down the options, but that’s what we’ll do.


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