Skinny Corduroy

GAP lightweight corduroy legging

The skinny jean is here to stay.  Over the past couple of seasons, we’ve gone from straight to skinny to jegging, practically to Saran Wrap.  And to quote Princess Vespa: “And I’m glad! Glad, glad, glad, glad, glad!”  I like them with boots, with heels, swingy tops, fitted coats.  Out for dinner, at a club, in a house or on a boat.  But I have yet to find the perfect pair.

Personally, I prefer a fabric that is still substantially denim and not too stretchy or legging like. Darker, maybe even with a sheen to it.  I wear a small size, but I’m still ample in some areas which can result in some odd shaping if one is not careful.  With skinnies, one should buy tight. Everyone knows that they stretch with wear and that part of the physics that keep them up involve how much they suck you in.  However, this creates another issue in the quality department.  To describe a small fear that an ill pair of skinnies inspires, I will use my experience trying on the GAP corduroy legging.  And because my M.O. for expressing disappointment in a popular product has become to write poetry about it, you’re gonna get some rhyme.

Dear GAP,
Your cords have a certain luster
That’s difficult to resist.
Plus you manage to muster
An almost perfect fit.

I gain courage to size down
To ensure a nice fit ’round
Those more ample areas,
Where you reveal a fearful scare. . . e-uh.

For amongst a sea of seams
I glance for a craftsman’s botch.
Mine eyes see threads that seem
To be giving way around the crotch.

And while your price tag does entice,
And I’m reaching for my purse. . .
I dither and think twice
On their likelihood to burst.

Back to the point here – if you covet a certain pair of skinnies – preferably under $200 – please share with me your thoughts in the comments!


2 responses to “Skinny Corduroy

  1. Susan

    Thanks for the laugh! Adriano Goldschmied cords are amazing… so soft, great fit. They usually carry @ Anthro, maybe Nordie’s too?


  2. Thanks Susan – I got another vote for J Brand on Facebook. Will check out the AG’s.

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