Project Wardrobe Redo

Project Right Way

In the past year, two major things have happened to me: 1. I was laid off, and 2. I dropped about four dress sizes.  This creates a bit of a conundrum. The budget is tighter, but I cannot spend another winter in stretch pants.  Read: I need a new wardrobe.

It’s not technically a conundrum, I know.  But it does pose an issue. Something that I have said many times is that I would rather have a closet full of things I love, choosing quality over quantity.  However, I’m wired to choose things on clearance and then volley around in my head how “ok” I think it is for the price.  One should never sacrifice a sense of value, but buying on price has yielded a closet that I’m not crazy about.  Although it is SO organized.  That makes me smile when I open it.

Now is my chance to do what’s right.  Over the next few months, I’m going to take my budget and purchase one to two higher quality items: whether or not it’s on sale.  One qualification trumps all: unquestionable, undeniable love must exist for the item.  Regret cannot.  And readers, I am going to need your help deciding on which items to go for with my dear, limited funds.  There is no doubt that I will succumb to trends – that’s ok. I don’t want a closet full of sensible LBD’s or practical accessories.  I want a closet full of love: a wardrobe of quality, not necessarily convenience.  But beware, I will need some high quality staples.

Basically, I’ll narrow down my obsessions to a couple of items each week and you either vote on them or send me something you think is better in the comments.  At the end of the month, we’ll decide on the winning piece.   In the meantime, I’m all ears if you have a piece you are raving mad about right now.  In the comments please!


4 responses to “Project Wardrobe Redo

  1. Miss Fashionista

    I can’t wait to vote for the winning piece!

    P.S. I found a cool website where you can take a quiz that tells you your style:

  2. Thanks for the tip Miss Fashionista! 😉

  3. Miss Fashionista

    You’re welcome! Make sure to tell me what your style is if you take the quiz! 🙂

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