I have a chihuahua and a Mini Cooper S. While my dog is well-behaved and rather hardy for the breed (15 lbs.), he shares one characteristic with most of his brethren: he has no idea how little he is. Chihuahuas often rule the pack and won’t think twice about confrontation with a dog five times his size if necessary. As for the Mini, it is deceptively cute. Truth is, it is a rally car. It is as much at home on a race track as it is in town. In short, the juxtaposition of cute and tough is something I hold in appreciation.

My birthday was last week, and I received many a gift with a touch of cute and tough or plain old charmingly tiny goodness. Behold tiny goodness:

Dee Sharp Chihuahua Earrings Looking Very Noir

How could you start your day off wrong with these guys dangling from your ears? You can’t possibly put them on while pissed. Or could you? Maybe THAT would be the tough factor to its cute factor? I’m having a personal revelation here. Maybe I’ll post it on Facebook. It’ll go something like this: “. . . is putting the MENTAL in the centimental things in life.” And 1/3 of my friends will be like, “Whaaa?” because NOBODY knows WTF you are talking about when you post one liners like that, another 1/3 will hit the like button because it’s easy, and the last 1/3 will notice that I’ve spelled sentimental incorrectly, think I’m an idiot, and move on.

AS SHALL WE: Sephora’s Urban Ballerina Collection couples two neutral, but not wholly predictable colors with two grittier darks.

OPI for Sephora Urban Ballerina Collection

I don’t know any urban ballerinas, but somehow I get it. I also received a leather studded cuff with a beautiful antique brass bird charm. All of this cuteness with an edge inspired me to order a scarf from Modcloth with tiny, colorful skulls.

“. . . is feeling raskully!”


2 responses to “Mini/Meanie-atures

  1. El Guapo

    You rocked the Stream of Consciousness like Virginia Woolf in “To the Lighthouse!”

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