Vacation Face: “Thank You Sephora Moodboard Powered by Polyvore”

Vacation face

After a day of designing for one of my real jobs, it only seemed natural to bite at Sephora’s email invitation to create a moodboard on their Facebook page. FUN! Given the limited selection, I chose a travel theme which I call “Vacation Face.” Meaning, when Facebook presented me with my self-made Rorschach test and asked me to bestow upon it a title, “vacation face” was the first thing that came to my mind.
It got me thinking about my travel makeup roundup. I always bring an eyeshadow palette. Never red lipstick. I choose a cooperative pink or nude with SPF. Vacation Face: content but bored. I am sure red lipstick could change a vacation. So, thank you Facebook. You have alit new possibilities. I’m sure to have more fun now!
Speaking of red lipstick; it is all the rage, but I rarely see ladies wearing it (or gentlemen, which is implied). I only reach for mine if I know I won’t be eating a whole lot (I’m no good to reapply) and/or if my skin is perfectly well-rested and peachy (the red highlights imperfections in the skin). So, the odds are against me every day.
But one thing is for sure. Even if I fail to adopt red lipstick as a staple, you will be seeing more polyvore, dear readers!
Vacation Face

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