Maddening Modcloth

My birthday is coming up soon. Being a typical, self-absorbed Leo, I get really pumped up about it. Close friends and family ask me what I want, and I usually tell them to save their pennies. And I mean it. We are in hard times, after all.

BUT! Aside from a lifetime of free housekeeping, my wish list is composed of varied and endless material goods. Lately, I can’t stop looking at dresses – all manner of them – at I haven’t had much luck with my purchases from them, but they churn out new cute stuff every day, and it’s so affordable. I can’t help but look. So, I’ve decided to write about two things I really love on this post: food and dresses, one to go with each meal of the ideal birthday.

1. Breakfast with hubby at Breakfast of Course: share a breakfast burrito, then blueberry french toast whilst wearing tiny pachyderms. I might feel too juvenile swathed in tiny elephants, but they are irresistibly cute AND stray blueberry stains might blend in.

Ele-fun in the Sun Dress

2. Girlfriend lunch al fresco at Bouchon. Appetizers, wine, little black dress. I have overlooked the simplicity of the little black dress. How many of my DLD necklaces would this showcase?

State of Well Being Dress in Noir

3. Finally, for some reason I really want a corset dress. I don’t know where the hell I would wear this. Apparently, Modcloth thinks it would be appropriate in Milan. So, we’ll go with it. Dinner in Milan.

When in Milan Dress

There are snacks on the plane and periodic doses of Dramamine. But I am afraid I don’t have outfits picked out for that.

I’m probably not going to accomplish all of this travel on my birthday, nor will I purchase all three dresses. But I could treat myself to one.


One response to “Maddening Modcloth

  1. El Guapo

    Pach-y-derm! Pach-y-derm!

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