Like I lost a glitter fight with Josie Maran

Today, I had planned to trot over to Sephora to make a return of my new Josie Maran Argan Beautiful Eyes Palette. However, I had luncheon with a girlfriend prior to my trip, during which I drank a glass of wine. My friends know me as a notorious lightweight. So, whilst stuffing my face with bread and sucking down water, I realized I should just go straight home and nap it off. Yes. One glass.

Anyway, my beef with the Beautiful Purples eye palette is that after about two hours, that shit ended up all over may face. Worst fallout ever experienced. And it wasn’t even that pretty on. It’s gorgeous in the case: all stamped out in shapes of lovely sparkling jewels. You would think the effect would be high drama, but the colors went on muted and sheer. The case, like all of her packaging, is biodegradable. This one was spring-loaded with a nice mirror. Since I wrote a fairly lengthy poem yesterday explaining my issue with Romper, and because it is getting late and the masses are sure to be wondering “WHY THE HELL HASN’T SHE POSTED TODAY?” I’ll write a haiku.

Beautiful Purples
Like dark stars falling from sky
Better bring wipies

Next week, I promise less poetry.



2 responses to “Like I lost a glitter fight with Josie Maran

  1. Regan

    Hahaha! I like the poetry.

  2. Susan

    I say MORE poetry! Love it.

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