“Nothing says summer quite like . . . “

Gilt asked this today on the Twitter. To which I naturally replied, “Margarita!” Then I realized they said, “Nothing says summer STYLE quite like. . . ” – to which I think I’d still say, “Margarita!” Anyway. I thought of all the glorious summer centric things there are to love and bid adieu to in a few short weeks. Things for which I will pine:

The first is Korres body butter in guava. It’s hard to find a sweet, fruity summer smell that isn’t cloying but doesn’t fade. The fragrance is summer in a bottle and it makes skin smooth and moist.

Korres Guava Body Butter

Summer in a bottle no. 2 would be Alterna’s Ocean Waves texturizing spray from their limited edition Summer Hair series. Preface: (1) my hair becomes a windblown frizz fest as soon as I step onto the beach; however, (2) this product does not give me that hair, (3) nor does it give me the much sought after elusive beachy, wavey, Noxema-girl-of-yore-hair (who I just realized starred in referenced commercial with a young Jared Leto. Thanks YouTube! You are so educational!). It does lend volume, texture, and crazy wonderful scent.

Alterna Summer Hair Ocean Waves

And for the last few years, few things have signified the coming of summer better than espadrilles! These are so high, glittery, and cheap they could star on Jersey Shore:

Kensie Girl Glenda Wedges

And I mean to say they are inexpensive. And I’ve been wearing them a lot this summer. What sums up summer for you? In the comments, please!


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2 responses to ““Nothing says summer quite like . . . “

  1. El Guapo

    I heart the “high, glittery, and cheap” statement.

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