Trends I Could Fall For

Every year, there are trends that I heart and those I cannot succumb to.  We’ll start on a positive note with looks I’m feeling.

Animal prints have always been in vogue, but leopard print comes and goes.  We saw some of it last fall, but the trend will really blossom this year. Personally, I will opt for structured, ladylike accessories vs. full on swathes of leopard fabric.  I don’t want to feel like I’ve just raided Mrs. Robinson’s closet.  (but now that I think about it. . . OR DO I?)

Leopard print shoes are definitely on the menu. I’ll keep mine simple and grown up. No pointy toes, chunky heels, straps, or big platforms: any combination of which could potentially lend a lady-of-the-night appeal.  I err on the more conservative side of leopard.  These have a sophisticated shape:

Pia pumps - J. Crew

Another fall trend we’ll continue to see is metallic snakeskin.  Snakeskin can be so glamorous and versatile.  This purse has beautiful art deco styling with the peacock flap, vintage-looking hardware, and rich silvery finish: A great piece to mix with other animal prints because of the neutral color and luxurious sheen.  In fact, now I want both with a burgundy dress.

Jessica Simpson Fantastic Flap Purse

Snakeskin is here to stay, but I can see leopard getting out of hand (thanks largely to J. Crew), and I’ll be regretting.  Sad since I’ve been a fan of leopard in tasteful doses for years.  Thoughts?


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