I never seem to have the right rain accoutrement.

Normally, I make sure my dog and I get a good walk. It’s as therapeutic for me as it is healthy for him; however, it has been too hot of a summer for a decent trot out. Today was an exception. Rain arrived in my town, giving us some respite from the intense heat. So even though it was overcast and spitty out, trot we did.

I had no idea that a dog walk in such gentle rain would be so pleasant, almost pastoral. I would have dressed more appropriately for the occasion. Had I these, I would have worn them:

J. Crew Rainy Day Bow Ballet Flats

RAIN BALLET FLATS. In a steady rain, wellies might do. But in a steady rain, my dog and I would not. So these would have been perfect for the lazy, almost nonexistent late summer sprinkling. I love wellies, but when I come in from the rain, I instantly feel like I’m wearing something entirely too utilitarian and should change. I know that’s a little nutty, but I’d never wear them somewhere that I planned to be for a long period of time. A grocery store pit stop in a rainstorm – yes. The movies in a rainstorm – no. These little flats transition nicely.

Aside from trading in my hideous old sneakers that are oddly the same shiny bronze as a Pointer Sister’s pre-nookie outfit , a more fanciful umbrella would have done the trick.

totes Bubble Umbrella

add frosty lipstick and Burt Bacharach.


3 responses to “I never seem to have the right rain accoutrement.

  1. You love willies?! That’s good to know! 😉

    (nice blog!)

  2. Lonnie

    How about Dancin’ in the rain as your theme!? Sounds like a you had a lovely walk which is amazing in this heat wave.

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